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Re: Problem

Hi Raju,

this is poke tres.

1. I found this site - if anyone is interested


2. Can anyone also pls tell me how am I supposed to
compile the source codes? I had downloaded some files
(tar.gz s) but they didnt contain rpms - they have
loads of files wich have .c .h .etc etc etc. 

How do I compile and get it running.

3. When trying to run Gnumeric, I get this strange
bloody error message
"Gnumeric failed to find a suitable default font.

Please verify your gnome-print installation and that
your fontmap file (typically located in
/usr/local/share/fonts/fontmap) is not empty or near

Sent a message to gnome from their site itself - they
have expressed total inability to help.

4. I think it is Mithun who is using Ximian. I was
trying to install Ximian yesteray. (iBook running
YellowDog Linux Champion Server 1.2) After the initial
welcome screen - I get this error. 
"Application "/.installer-rpm3-ppc" (process 725) has
crashed due to a fatal error. (segmentation fault)"

Sometime I also get error 1215.

What am I supposed to do. Could it be a problem since
I am already runing gnome on YDL ? If so - how do I
uninstall it? I even tried to switchdesk to KDE and
run it from there too. Same problem.


Rahul Handa

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