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Re: mailing list License [a suggession]

On Mon, Apr 09, 2001 at 11:53:57PM +0530, Sandip Bhattacharya wrote:
>On Mon, Apr 09, 2001 at 07:19:06AM +0530, Pankaj Kaushal merrily said:
>> X-Mail-License : 
>> which could either be as short as mine.
>> "Copyleft under GPL version 2.0"
>Yeesh!!! Some folks never learn ... Will ALL of you just STOP at
>"licensing" /everything/  under the Sun???
I am not trying to GPLise everything
Read again 
I wrote 
It could be something like this or a URL to where ur personal
License is 
>Is there ANYTHING on this planet that you don't want to GPLize??
NO . :P
>You are as bad as the folks at the other end(M$). Soon we would be
>looking at a world, where one would sit on the morning "pan", look
>down and scream "even THAT stuff is *.licensed!!!!!!"
Funny but I am with you we have to draw a line somewhere
And even me is not intrested in Copyright or Copyleft 
on emails but I thought if ppl floated the idea they were serious and Instead 
of attaching a three para message after every mail
may be this culd be the solution.

If Nishi's pooling booth had this question I would have definately
said No Lie-sense for me.

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