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Re: 2 ethernet interfaces

> I don;t think the ip should be an issue(technically)...IMHO tcp/ip stack
> would work for any network ip series...(though the people on this network
> will face problems trying to connect to the server on the intranet with
> 192.0.4 series of ips)
> again IMHO he has to set the ipforwarding on *after* he is able to ping
> the sides of the network ...and then finally ipmasq...
the main problem is that u shud always use private ips for networks behind a
nat (ipmasq!!) many nat implementations might also depend on this.... neways
from what i read in these posts, it seems to be a simple case of setting up
a nat, for which ipchains and ipmasq howto is more than sufficient to get
the idea..

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