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Re: 2 ethernet interfaces

Yehi to rona hai, I tried the same stuff but it did not work. I'll tell ya 
the whole story. My IP address is and gateway is The 
Netmask is Now it works fine with default gateway as I can ping locally. But not to the net. I tried to add the same 
way which u told me and it gives me destination does'nt match with subnet. I 
had put all possible permutations and combinations in destinat but it refuses 
to work. MAybe i did all except the right one!!

Now I reset it to my (default gateway) ISP's gateway and it can ping to 
Internet, but not to the local network. 

Is it bcoz my local IP does'nt fall into any Class of network (ie A, B,or C)?
It wud be great if u tell me the exact config.... with Gateway, Destination 
and Subnet. I admit it is spoonfeeding but when things don' t work right this 
is the only option left.

Thanx a lot.

Goldwyn :o)

> the simplest way is to use linuxconf.
> config->networking->client tasks->routing&gateways->set routes to
> alternate local nets.
> if u want a more techy solution read up the man pages of gated or routed
> Neil

Goldwyn :o)