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Re: 2 ethernet interfaces

Mr. Goldwyn,

    Refer my earlier mail. I don't know what you are
trying to achieve by configuring both Network cards in
the same network. There is no fun in it ;) One card
should have internal and other the external IP address
(supplied by your ISP). Also, if you don't plan on
using any proxy firewall and such, set
FORWARD_IPV4=yes in /etc/sysconfig/network (again


--- Goldwyn <goldwyn_r@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Yehi to rona hai, I tried the same stuff but it did
> not work. I'll tell ya 
> the whole story. My IP address is and
> gateway is The 
> Netmask is Now it works fine with
> default gateway as 
> I can ping locally. But not to the net.
> I tried to add the same 
> way which u told me and it gives me destination
> does'nt match with subnet. I 
> had put all possible permutations and combinations
> in destinat but it refuses 
> to work. MAybe i did all except the right one!!
> Now I reset it to my (default gateway) ISP's gateway
> and it can ping to 
> Internet, but not to the local network. 
> Is it bcoz my local IP does'nt fall into any Class
> of network (ie A, B,or C)?
> It wud be great if u tell me the exact config....
> with Gateway, Destination 
> and Subnet. I admit it is spoonfeeding but when
> things don' t work right this 
> is the only option left.
> Thanx a lot.
> Goldwyn :o)
> > the simplest way is to use linuxconf.
> > config->networking->client
> tasks->routing&gateways->set routes to
> > alternate local nets.
> >
> > if u want a more techy solution read up the man
> pages of gated or routed
> >
> >
> > Neil
> >
> Goldwyn :o)
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