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Re: 2 ethernet interfaces

I don;t think the ip should be an issue(technically)...IMHO tcp/ip stack
would work for any network ip series...(though the people on this network
will face problems trying to connect to the server on the intranet with the
192.0.4 series of ips)
again IMHO he has to set the ipforwarding on *after* he is able to ping both
the sides of the network ...and then finally ipmasq...

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Subject: Re: [linux-delhi] 2 ethernet interfaces

> >  eth0 is connected to ur internal network
> > and eth1 to the isp directly or thourough the router(R1)
> > On the command prompt give this:
> > a) route add -net netmask eth0
> > b)route add -net <dest network of ur isp or the router(R1) internal
> > interface>  netmask eth1
> > This tells the router which interfece(eth0/eth1) is the packet to go to.
> > Now we add the default route.
> > c)route add -net netmask gw <ip add for ur isp's gateway
> if
> > it is connected directly(thru a modem) or the ip of the internal
> > of the router R1>
> >
> >
> > Hope this helps
> this shudn't work because u r using a private ip in the internal network.
> (but 192.0 is not a private ip if i remember correctly.) i guess u will
> hav to add ip masq thru ipchains..
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