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Re: 2 ethernet interfaces

>  eth0 is connected to ur internal network
> and eth1 to the isp directly or thourough the router(R1)
> On the command prompt give this:
> a) route add -net netmask eth0
> b)route add -net <dest network of ur isp or the router(R1) internal
> interface>  netmask eth1
> This tells the router which interfece(eth0/eth1) is the packet to go to.
> Now we add the default route.
> c)route add -net netmask gw <ip add for ur isp's gateway
> it is connected directly(thru a modem) or the ip of the internal interface
> of the router R1>
> Hope this helps
this shudn't work because u r using a private ip in the internal network.
(but 192.0 is not a private ip if i remember correctly.) i guess u will also
hav to add ip masq thru ipchains..

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