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Re: Re: Re: rpm3 to rpm4 upgrade, crashed rpm DB

>> >Also since i use linux mainly as servers, i just >install linux on to a
>> >and then only apply updates that are required for >security and never
>> >the box. I hav learnt it the hard way that never do >these kind of
>> I am afraid after hearing such words never upgrade the packages etc.. As
i have heared linux so >much flexible and versatile, i am maintaining about
one dozen of online servers, on each of which i >does some upgrade and
after some bad experience with rpm, i hav now settled on applying only the
red hat security updates. I try not to do any feature upgrades on any
working servers as a matter of policy now! If i need new features, then i
normally take a fresh box, install everything and then transfer apps one at
a time. This way it is very easy to undo any step (the only problem being
that u need an extra comp and the time to do the transfer, but when u hav
critical servers that can't go down much, then u need to do this!)

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