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Re: Re: rpm3 to rpm4 upgrade, crashed rpm DB

If i am not wrong it does rpm -Uvh * , means upgrades all the packages after getting all the info from existing system but existing system is having no DB of installed pac... then what will happen , i don't know, will it still upgrade all the pac. ???


Yashpal Nagar

Mithun Bhattacharya <mithun.b@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> Wrote---
Upgrading to RedHat 7.0 will just do a fresh install of all the
software. It wont do a cleanup if any needed when a upgrade is doing
because the upgrade process will look at your database and imagine that
your system has none of those software. Also unless you have a really
pressing need to install 7.0 don't go for it. You wont get your system
back in shape instead you will surely get lots of headache.

Personally I am not even sure whether the RedHat CD is even capable of
upgrading a system with RPM 4.0 database in it.. who knows maybe it
assumes you are sitting on a RPM 3.x database.


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