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Re: Re: rpm3 to rpm4 upgrade, crashed rpm DB

--- Yashpal  Nagar <nagar@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote: > If
i am not wrong it does rpm -Uvh * , means
> upgrades all the packages after getting all the info
> from existing system but existing system is having
> no DB of installed pac... then what will happen , i
> don't know, will it still upgrade all the pac. ???
> Regards,
> Yashpal Nagar

This command will not work if you are trying to
upgrade/install apps from RH 7 dist on a RH 6x system.
Check for yourself. You have to start with selective
upgrades. First upgrade your rpm*.rpm from
updates.redhat.com. Also the popt*.rpm. You should use
parameters '-Uvh --nodeps' for this(RedHat recommends
-Fvh, much the same). Use the rpms for 6.2 distr(there
will be 6x in the file name). After every upgrade use
the --rebuilddb option. Upgrade to rpm 4.02 version(6x
again). Upgrade your libraries starting with glibc
2.2. There after proceed the same way(--rebuilddb).
Should see you through. But you will agree after all
the efforts that it's better to do a fress install of
RH 7.0 ;}


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