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Re: rpm3 to rpm4 upgrade, crashed rpm DB

Never do a --nodeps unless you know what you are upto and it is
absolutely necessary. The only time I need to use that is when it cant
find perl dependencies since I have recompiled a new one on my machine.
That too I use nodeps only after I have tried rpm -Uvh without one
first. This is to make sure that all the other dependencies are

-F and -U with --nodeps are not the same. -F is used when you would like
to update a existing rpm. -U with --nodeps will install all rpms without
doing a dependency check which is something no one should be doing.

Also --rebuilddb is needed only once when you install the rpm-4.x not
with every upgrade. This is just to migrate your data from rpm 3 format
to rpm 4 format.