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Re: startup Services - Package not available

> dear Friends,
> This is in reference to my previous post. I am sorry for putting 2 mails
> for the same problem but i have discovered something extra.
> to brief u of the prob. I have ftp server installed. But when i try to
> setup the service using linuxconf it gives me some error (which I can't
> see) bcoz the creen changes fast. hence I can't start the ftp service. on
> opening the control service window for ftp or telnet it says No package
> manager availble.
> Where is the possible prob? can I start it using some scripts (of which I
> don't know). I have installed he ftp server telnet server which comes with
> RH 7.0

1.Like someone else had said see if u have the in.telnetd and in.ftpd
available. If they are'nt there (and assumign u have done a default install)
u don't have the installation for the servers done on ur system yet.Install
2..Then do a netstat -anp and see if u get the telenet port(23) and the ftp
port(21) open.
3. If above mentioned files are there and the netstat gives u no open ports
then check the /etc/xinet.d/ directory . You shoudl have 2 files related to
these services there. both of them should have been enabled for the services
to work.
4. Check also that the xinetd should be started during start up (for that
check for a link like S50inetd in the /etc/rc[n].d(if ur default init level
is n). If it is not there then reinstall the xinetd rpm.
Hope this helps

> Goldwyn :o)
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