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Certain Clarification - neil and all technowarriors

Hi Aditya,

Lighten up, dude.

I run the Linux-Delhi web site.  It's a shared site on a server, space
and bandwidth kindly donated by Jai Bansal of Web Solutions.
Initially Jai was charging Rs. 100/year for e-mail addresses on the
site, not to make a profit but to just ensure that only serious people
got an account there.  However, I requested him to open it up, and now
accounts are available to any member of Linux-Delhi.  If you want one,
send me a private message and I'll make your e-mail account.

Couple of caveats: I prefer that the person asking for the account
have shown /some/ commitment to the Linux movement.  In other words,
I'd prefer having met you at a Meet, or having read meaningful posts
by you on the list before making the account.  This is purely from the
point of view of keeping ``account-leechers'' out of the system --
i.e. you would agree that we don't want people joining the Linux-Delhi
mailing list for a week, getting an account and then dropping out once
they have fulfilled their objective of getting a free POP account.  I
agree that the criteria are arbitrary and subjective, but as I own
neither the server nor the traffic it's the fairest I can do under the

BTW, 190 words of silent protest? :-)


-- Raju

>>>>> "Aditya" == Aditya Okhal <adityaokhal@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> writes:

    Aditya> Hi, That bit about getting Linux e-mail IDs was
    Aditya> interesting. What you mean to say is that in this forum
    Aditya> which represents an attempt to extend the concept of open
    Aditya> and free software through Linux there is a hierarchy of
    Aditya> overseers. I am surprised that a person needs to beg to
    Aditya> get an e-mail ID.

    Aditya> What has happened to the pioneering spirit of intellectual
    Aditya> anarchism? Are we also slipping into a static, vertical
    Aditya> and linear structures of conventional bureaucratic
    Aditya> society.

    Aditya> I would have been much happier if Linux e-mail IDs would
    Aditya> have been freely available to all Linux movement
    Aditya> members. We signify an Idea of freedom of thought and
    Aditya> total rejection of the existing redundant intellectual
    Aditya> dogmas driven by Intellectual Property rights and
    Aditya> propreitory system encompassing predatory and regressive
    Aditya> mindset. At least we should be more open.

    Aditya> Finally, with disappointment I like to pose a question -

    Aditya> "Is the spirit of freedom and rebellion against the
    Aditya> existing techno imperialism behind the Linux revolution
    Aditya> and in the larger context Open and free software DEAD?"

    Aditya> That ends my silent protest.

    Aditya> With Regards,

    Aditya> Aditya Okhal

Raju Mathur          raju@xxxxxxxxxxxxx           http://kandalaya.org/