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Certain Clarification - neil and all technowarriors


That bit about getting Linux e-mail IDs was
interesting. What you mean to say is that in this
forum which represents an attempt to extend the
concept of open and free software through Linux there
is a hierarchy of overseers. I am surprised that a person
needs to beg to get an e-mail ID.

What has happened to the pioneering spirit of intellectual
anarchism? Are we also slipping into a static, vertical and linear
structures of conventional bureaucratic society.

I would have been much happier if Linux e-mail IDs
would have been freely available to all Linux movement
members. We signify an Idea of freedom of thought and 
total rejection of the existing redundant intellectual dogmas
driven by Intellectual Property rights and propreitory system
encompassing predatory and regressive mindset. At least
we should be more open.

Finally, with disappointment I like to pose a question -

"Is the spirit of freedom and rebellion against the existing
techno imperialism behind the Linux revolution and in the
larger context Open and free software DEAD?"

That ends my silent protest.

With Regards,

Aditya Okhal