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Re: two good poems; Wether perl any good?

1. Java might not be as bad as Raju made it out to be but of all the
programming languages Java is the most resource intensive.

2. The very concept of a Virtual machine makes sure that a Java byte
code will never run as fast as any other compiled program..

3. It is nothing specific to any language. Spend a good amount of your
implementation time on design and you are guaranteed to bring down bugs
and increase efficiency. get a group of good programers who can code and
interact well with others and you can have a application running
beautifully for years. I have seen mainframe programs running for 15-20
years with no problems. As for perl I am not sure why anything would be
wrong with it. I have faced as much problem reading bad C/C++ code as
anyone would face in reading a badly written perl code. Someone once
pointed out all those $ thingys spread all over the perl code but as far
as I see it people misuse it more than they use it in their perl code.
The same applies to Embperl code too. All I would say is that writing
good/functional/readable code is a art and depends on the skills of the
programmer not on the programming language.

4. To go with something which is very much hyped up and being used in
many places for that reason is a mob mentality which cant sustain itself
in the long run. It is easy to get mediocre programmers in any language
you care to be aware of - personally I think it is as difficult to find
a good Java programmer as it is in any other language. But courtesy the
hype you are 10 times more likely to setup a team of mediocre java
programmers who will be able to mess up a program than in any other