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Re: two good poems -> JSP/Perl/PHP/C/CGI etc etc for www

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From: "Amit Soni" <amitsoni@xxxxxxxxxxxx>

A brave man speaks about the Emperor's New Clothes:

> and u know wat ? doent tell this to raju......I praise perl(and mod-perl)
> lot in front of him.....
> ......but personally I find it very confusing !
> There are hardly any human understandable characters in a perl code ! Phew

Perl is very easy to write.  I have written perl code in my sleep.  In fact,
this mail will probably run as a perl script.  Much like Chinese, I cant
read what I have written, however.

On the other hand, no one I know can read perl written by another person.
Sure, make guesses, put in print statements, etc, but understand?  No way.

If you look up Archives, they used to have Perl Obfuscation Contests, but
with perl5, this is now required by Larry Wall.

-- Sanjeev "Sure, so implement emacs in perl" Gupta