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Re: two good poems -> JSP/Perl/PHP/C/CGI etc etc for www

> Subject: Re: [linux-delhi] two good poems -> JSP/Perl/PHP/C/CGI etc etc
for www

> Amit Soni wrote:
> > > > > Bah, Java sucks, use Embperl (perl.apache.org)
> > > > not when u r doing web serving. Java rocks!!!
> > >
> > > I second Ambar on that. While is seriously doubt Java for GUI/frontend
> > > server-side applications. Perl/PHP (even though I have a soft corner
> > > for these) just don't lend themselves very well to OO designs, and
> > > C/C++ is just too risky. Anyway, the CGI process model has been thrown
> >
> > Risky ?????????? Why ?
> >
> > I always believed that compiled applications are better than scripts. I
> > scripting.
> > and u know wat ? doent tell this to raju......I praise perl(and
mod-perl) a
> > lot in front of him.....
> > ......but personally I find it very confusing !
> > There are hardly any human understandable characters in a perl code !
Phew !

> Sure...but definitely more than what you could find in a compiled code :-)
> > And BTW....although CGI is the slowest and dumbest and
everything...majority is still using it.
> > So it has not yet been thrown out, but definately..deserves to be thrown
out ! Yeah !
> You are contradicting yourself ! If scropts are so slow and dumb and
> everything, and yet majority is using it (as you say), I would suggest you
I said CGI was slow...not scripts.
CGI is independent of scripts and applications.
U write a script in perl/php its a CGI script.
I write a better application in C thats a CGI application! ;o)

> to find out why exactly is this the case instead of hating it. Speed is
> always the only criteria for choosing a development platform.

> Multi-platform support, ease of maintenance and meeting deadlines are
always the more
> important factors and that's exactly the reason for the popularity of Perl
> PHP.
My criterias are slightly different. I chose what is easier for me to

>  And with increased speed and efficiency in Perl and PHP modules, they are
> definitely here to stay as far as web based applications are concerned.
Ofcoz they will...If I cant read a perl code doesnt mean that the world cant
read it.
I can speak only for myself. u c?  :o)

> Having said that, let me also admit that I personally like Java more than
Perl  :-)
I looove Pascal. Too bad there are a very few people who agree with me ! :o(
C is also OK.
But Perl !!...Geeeeh !

BTW my question still stands ...why is C/C++ risky ?? for CGI applications.

chao !