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Re: two good poems -> JSP/Perl/PHP/C/CGI etc etc for www

Amit Soni wrote:

> > On Sat, Feb 17, 2001 at 01:19:29PM +0530, Ambar Roy merrily said:
> > > > Bah, Java sucks, use Embperl (perl.apache.org)
> > > not when u r doing web serving. Java rocks!!!
> >
> > I second Ambar on that. While is seriously doubt Java for GUI/frontend
> > applications right now, it is definitely the best bet for serious
> > server-side applications. Perl/PHP (even though I have a soft corner
> > for these) just don't lend themselves very well to OO designs, and
> > C/C++ is just too risky. Anyway, the CGI process model has been thrown
> Risky ?????????? Why ?
> I always believed that compiled applications are better than scripts. I hate
> scripting.
> and u know wat ? doent tell this to raju......I praise perl(and mod-perl) a
> lot in front of him.....
> ......but personally I find it very confusing !
> There are hardly any human understandable characters in a perl code ! Phew !

Sure...but definitely more than what you could find in a compiled code :-)

> And BTW....
> although CGI is the slowest and dumbest and everything...majority is still
> using it.
> So it has not yet been thrown out, but definately..deserves to be thrown out
> ! Yeah !

You are contradicting yourself ! If scropts are so slow and dumb and
everything, and yet majority is using it (as you say), I would suggest you try
to find out why exactly is this the case instead of hating it. Speed is not
always the only criteria for choosing a development platform. Multi-platform
support, ease of maintenance and meeting deadlines are always the more
important factors and that's exactly the reason for the popularity of Perl &
PHP. And with increased speed and efficiency in Perl and PHP modules, they are
definitely here to stay as far as web based applications are concerned.

Having said that, let me also admit that I personally like Java more than Perl