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Re: two good poems -> JSP/Perl/PHP/C/CGI etc etc for www

> Perl is very easy to write.  I have written perl code in my sleep.  In
> this mail will probably run as a perl script.  Much like Chinese, I cant
> read what I have written, however.

OKAY ! for a change I AGREE ! <Applause><Applause>

> On the other hand, no one I know can read perl written by another person.
> Sure, make guesses, put in print statements, etc, but understand?  No way.

But I have always learned programming languages by reading the source codes.
Thats how i start !
How did u learn perl ?
Ofcoz I dont want to write perl code in my sleep. I have much better things
to dream about. ;o)
But still how do I go about it ?

thanx !