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[LIH] any one using djbdns?

Dan's software has two problems as far as I'm concerned:

1.  He refuses to make the licensing of the software public, instead
makes statements like ``You can use it under these conditions'', ``If
you want to commercially distribute or modify contact me'', etc.
In essence, he controls the software and you have to live by his rules
if you want to use it.

2.  Dan is (like many of us) a stickler for his beliefs.  If he
doesn't like the way something is done, he will never permit his
software to do it that way even if it's meaningful in some
situations.  For example, if Qmail finds that it has to deliver a
message to multiple recipients on a single server, it will open
multiple connections to the server and send one copy of the message to
each recipient, instead of opening a single connection and sending
multiple RCPT TO:'s with a single copy of the message.  While that may
be the ideal way of doing things, it doesn't work in bandwidth-starved
countries like India, where 100KB virus attachments are the rule
rather than the exception.  However, try to convince Dan of this :)

On the whole, I'd rather stick with a software which is under some
decent free license like GPL or BSD, which at least gives me the
freedom to modify or have someone else modify to my liking.


-- Raju

>>>>> "Sandip" == Sandip Bhattacharya <sandipb@xxxxxxxxxxx> writes:

    Sandip> Hi!  This is a Q for all the bigtime sysadmins around
    Sandip> ... how many folks have actually tried out djbdns and
    Sandip> compared it to BIND? The author(DJB- the qmail author)
    Sandip> claims it is much-much faster than BIND and of course more
    Sandip> secure (there is a $500 prize for anyone proving the
    Sandip> otherwise).

    Sandip> It seems it has been around for quite a while (2+ years.)
    Sandip> Funny, i haven't heard much about it on these lists. If it
    Sandip> is so good how come folks aren't using it? Is it becoz
    Sandip> they don't know about it, or because it doesn't perform or
    Sandip> one of those exasperating philosophies which makes many
    Sandip> people abhor qmail and drag along their feet with sendmail
    Sandip> even if it sucks.

    Sandip> The last CERT advisory for BIND was like a "Ramayan" of
    Sandip> vulnerabilities ;) . Why do people still use it?

    Sandip> This IS a genuinely curious question folks, I am no
    Sandip> sysadmin - not even a lower middle class one :(

    Sandip> Regards, Sandip
Raju Mathur          raju@xxxxxxxxxxxxx           http://kandalaya.org/