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any one using djbdns?

This is a Q for all the bigtime sysadmins around ... how many folks
have actually tried out djbdns and compared it to BIND? The
author(DJB- the qmail author) claims it is much-much faster than BIND and of course more
secure (there is a $500 prize for anyone proving the otherwise). 

It seems it has been around for quite a while (2+ years.) Funny, i
haven't heard much about it on these lists. If it is so good how come
folks aren't using it? Is it becoz they don't know about it, or
because it doesn't perform or one of those exasperating philosophies which
makes many people abhor qmail and drag along their feet with sendmail
even if it sucks.

The last CERT advisory for BIND was like a "Ramayan" of
vulnerabilities ;) . Why do people still use it? 

This IS a genuinely curious question folks, I am no sysadmin - not even a
lower middle class one :(


Sandip Bhattacharya 
sandipb @ bigfoot.com