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application for summer internship

Dear Sir 

I am a student of IIT Delhi presently in the 4th year.
I have substantial interest in and  knowledge of
computer science and would be interested in enhancing
my technical capability by utilizing my two months
summer vacations, from 10 May 2001 to 10 July 2001,
undergoing training in your esteemed organisation.
Please find: Resume (at the end of this mail)

I would be extremely grateful if you would kindly
permit me to work and learn  in your organization
during my summer vacations and hopefully I would be
able to contribute by completing a project you mayassign during that period.

Hoping for a favourable response,

Thanking you
with regards
Ankur Jindal

 Academics :

Currently pursuing a Dual Degree (B. Tech. + M. Tech.) Programme in Chemical Engineering at Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Delhi.

Present Cumulative Grade Point Average: 7.54 (on a 10 point scale)

Departmental Rank  : 9

Schooling at Sarvodya Vidhyala, New Delhi. 
Class X (CBSE` ?95) score:  76% 

Completed class 12th from Sarvodya Vidhyala, New Delhi (CBSE ?97)  Score:  81%


English and Hindi

Courses taken :
 Design & Concepts in Chemical Engineering:

Mass Transfer I , II & III, Heat Transfer, Transport Phenomena,Fluid Mechanics, Material and Energy Balance, ChemicalReaction Engineering I & II, Fluid and Particle Mechanics,Particle Technology, Thermodynamics, Control Systems,Process Equipment Design, Process Engineering, MultiPhase Fluid Dynamics, Environmental Engineering and
Waste Management, Mechanical Design of ProcessEquipment, Process Simulation.

 Computers Knowledge:

Introduction to Programming Languages, Data Structures andAlgorithms.

Pascal, C, C++, HTML.

 Software Packages
MS Office, ASPEN, MatLab.

 UNIX, Linux , Windows 9X

Technical Projects Undertaken	

B. Tech. Project :

 Will be undertaking a project on Design of a Simulation Package on Reactive Distillation starting from Jan' 2001.

Software for Design of a Multi-component Distillation column.

  A Two Month Apprenticeship Undergone at the Reliance Petroleum Limited, Jamnagar (World largest Grass-root refinery). Projects done:
1. Study of the regenerator cyclones (FCCU) and calculate the efficiency of the same.
2. Calculate the % Flooding in the Deisohexanizer Column (FCCU).

   A two month project on Data Base Management of IIT Delhi, Alumni Association during summer '99.         
                               Prof. Ashok Misra (Former Dean AA&IP, Currently Director IIT Bombay)

   A two month project on GIS based MIS for IIT, Delhi during summer '98. 
  A study of the stability of the system using Nyqusite Criterion.                   	                  

A study on the Manufacturing of Compact Disc

 Volunteer experience :	

Worked as volunteer under the National Service Scheme (NSS 1997-1999) and have donated blood a couple of times.

Worked along with the organisers of PlastIndia2000 held at Pragati Maidan.

Extracurricular activities and achievements :	

Represented the hostel in the Board for Students? Welfare (BSW), IIT Delhi, for the year (1998 - 1999).

Wrote articles for the institute official magazine ?Campus Rumpus?.
Was a member of hostel cricket team, for the year (1998-1999). 

Playing around with the computer,Reading novels, books 
Listening to old Hindi songs and slow Western numbers

Professional memberships	

Member of CHES (Chemical Engineers Society).

Personal Details	

Sex:    Male 
Status: Single
Date of Birth :  15-April-1980.
Father's Name: Mr. Naresh Kumar Jindal
email:  <jindal_ankur80@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
        <ajindal80@xxxxxxxxxxx >
Permanent address: F-15/26, Sector-15, New Delhi-110085

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