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RRHL 7 - qpopper and xinetd

Lokesh Setia wrote:
> Hi,
> Are you sure that /dev/hda3 is formatted (with FAT32?).
> First format it (in windows if you wish) and then try again.
> Also, verify whether you're referring to the right partition
> by running linux fdisk again and printing the partition table.
> If you're sure it's /dev/hda3, you can also format it via:
> # /sbin/mkfs.msdos -v -F 32 /dev/hda3
> and try mounting it again.
> The reason why people might have suggested you to have only one
> primary partition is because of weird naming scheme and other problems
> with windoze.  I just added a second hard disk a month ago, and guess
> what?  My old D: became E:, E: became F: and so on.  Had to manually
> move shift installed programs (they don't work otherwise).
> Linux deals with partitions in a very clean manner, and does not
> suffer from these complications.
> Regards,
> Lokesh Setia.
> >>>>> "Sandip" == Sandip Bhattacharya <sandipb@xxxxxxxxxxx> writes:
>     Sandip> Hi!  I just got a new 20GB Hard disk ....and it has been
>     Sandip> giving me a hard time ever since ..
>     Sandip> First I landed up with that dreaded 1024 cylinder
>     Sandip> problem. After going through all the discussions on this
>     Sandip> list, i tried the following partition scheme
>     Sandip>     hda1 (5GB) Windoze 98 - Primary hda2(5GB) Windoze
>     Sandip> extended with all linux logical partitions ..../boot being
>     Sandip> the first one ...thus helping lilo out.  hda5 - /boot hda6
Hi List
I had qpopper running on RHL 6.2 but which required entries in the
inetd.conf and services.
On RHL 7 the inetd has been replaced by xinetd. I installed qpopper and
made the required entries in the services and xinetd. Neways, pop server
does not authenticate users any more. Any suggestions?
Sunil Dhaka
in search of Linux enlightenment