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Re: Weird Partition reading error in LArge HDD


Are you sure that /dev/hda3 is formatted (with FAT32?).
First format it (in windows if you wish) and then try again.

Also, verify whether you're referring to the right partition
by running linux fdisk again and printing the partition table.
If you're sure it's /dev/hda3, you can also format it via:

# /sbin/mkfs.msdos -v -F 32 /dev/hda3

and try mounting it again.

The reason why people might have suggested you to have only one
primary partition is because of weird naming scheme and other problems
with windoze.  I just added a second hard disk a month ago, and guess
what?  My old D: became E:, E: became F: and so on.  Had to manually
move shift installed programs (they don't work otherwise).

Linux deals with partitions in a very clean manner, and does not
suffer from these complications.

Lokesh Setia.

>>>>> "Sandip" == Sandip Bhattacharya <sandipb@xxxxxxxxxxx> writes:

    Sandip> Hi!  I just got a new 20GB Hard disk ....and it has been
    Sandip> giving me a hard time ever since ..

    Sandip> First I landed up with that dreaded 1024 cylinder
    Sandip> problem. After going through all the discussions on this
    Sandip> list, i tried the following partition scheme

    Sandip>     hda1 (5GB) Windoze 98 - Primary hda2(5GB) Windoze
    Sandip> extended with all linux logical partitions ..../boot being
    Sandip> the first one ...thus helping lilo out.  hda5 - /boot hda6
    Sandip> - swap hda7 - /home hda8 - / hda9 - /usr hda3(5GB) Windows
    Sandip> FAT32 hda4(5GB) ...linux now ...hopefully freeBSD by this
    Sandip> month end :)

    Sandip> Now my problem is that Windows manages to read hda3 - the
    Sandip> second primary ,...but surprisingly Linux doesn't. I know
    Sandip> everybody said that don't make more than one primary
    Sandip> ...but I don't see the problem here ...

    Sandip> Linux manages to mount hda1 but while mounting hda3 it
    Sandip> gives that clueless message("couldn't mount .. bad fs or
    Sandip> too many mounted fs ..couldn't find valid msdos signature
    Sandip> ...etc.etc")

    Sandip> Help ...anybody???

    Sandip> - Sandip