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Re: A customized mail server...

Hmm... this sounds like the scripting *facilities* of M$ Outlook and all
which, incidentally have led to a whole new class of e-mail viruses...

What do you actually want to accomplish this way? I am sure there can be a
better solution to it than what you are looking for. Think about it...

Bhummanjot S. Talwar <bhumman@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> I was wondering if there exists any mail server, which could be customized
> to perform specific actions as per the script in the email sent (or even
> running a java program/applet/servlet), apart from being a normal mail
> server. I want that if I send a mail to (eg. abc@xxxxxxxxxx) a special
> account, it should read the contents of the mail as a script file and
> perform various actions. Any mail server that can do this ????


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