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Re: Mailing list etiquette.

>. Notable among this is the charge of
> the extremist "GNU Rulez" brigade, which seems to be pissing more people
> off than winning them over
well it all goes with the territory... u have to go to extremes to make an

>. This makes me wonder if we need some kind of
> regulation on this list.
keep wondering... regulating the list for extremism wud kill all the fun...
just look at the fun i had shouting at pinku over the issue...

> Raju, would you consider to please fish out that authoritarian hat
> for a little while and regulate matters before some other magazine
> publishes that ILUG-Delhi members beat up their own folks on their mailing
> list ;-). A little use of majordomo's excellent capabilities should be
> fruitful.
what is rong in that... we are beating up our own members naa??? nothing

> General Secretary, ILUG - Delhi. ;-)
budd ur secy for the outside world, for us ur just a person that we like
less now...