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Mailing list etiquette.

Hi Raju, all -

	Lately, this list seems to be of little tech/social/humour value
and more of a dumping ground for everyone's grouses against their
neighbour and his Linux distribution. Notable among this is the charge of
the extremist "GNU Rulez" brigade, which seems to be pissing more people
off than winning them over. This makes me wonder if we need some kind of
regulation on this list.

	I'm not in favour of moderation, so for appetisers, may i propose
that everyone take a look at the "mailing list posting guidelines" at
www.linux-delhi.org . If you fail to comprehend the good humour in that,
chant "Thy shalt only reply if thou hast any tech help to offer, or a good
joke to crack", one hundred and eight times a day.

	Raju, would you consider to please fish out that authoritarian hat
for a little while and regulate matters before some other magazine
publishes that ILUG-Delhi members beat up their own folks on their mailing
list ;-). A little use of majordomo's excellent capabilities should be

Thanks and regards,
-- Sundeep.
General Secretary, ILUG - Delhi. ;-)