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Re: Mailing list etiquette.

Hello Mr. General Secretary,

Sundeep Holani wrote:
>         Lately, this list seems to be of little tech/social/humour value
> and more of a dumping ground for everyone's grouses against their
> neighbour and his Linux distribution.
well what do u use tells what you want to do?
well Mr General Secretary what do you use ?
> Notable among this is the charge of
> the extremist "GNU Rulez" brigade, which seems to be pissing more people
> off than winning them over. This makes me wonder if we need some kind of
> regulation on this list.
Mr General Secretary This definitely leaves you out of the so called 
GNU brigade which is acutely a collection of people who are not 
losers (users) but wannabe developers and my comments have nothing
to do with GNU-India or the people associated. Because those are
comments made by me and me alone. 

Well! Unlike me you seem to have the right to guess.

>         I'm not in favour of moderation, so for appetisers, may i propose
> that everyone take a look at the "mailing list posting guidelines" at
> www.linux-delhi.org . If you fail to comprehend the good humour in that,
> chant "Thy shalt only reply if thou hast any tech help to offer, or a good
> joke to crack", one hundred and eight times a day.

Mr General Secretary Actually I was the one who Compiled that in the
first page with help from Raj's Mail. so i know whats written in it.

>         Raju, would you consider to please fish out that authoritarian hat
> for a little while and regulate matters before some other magazine
> General Secretary, ILUG - Delhi. ;-)

well! Mr General Secretary I never knew That There were dictators in
group Raju never made me feel like he was one but Mr General Secretary
You certainly do. I have never followed politics but if this is the case 
then I don't know what you are trying to do?
Please Enlighten me (only human) of your immortal Thoughts
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