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Re: Mailing list etiquette.

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On Mon, 27 Oct 2014, Pankaj Kaushal wrote:
> Hello Mr. General Secretary,

(sigh). Some folks just can't understand humour. They just have  to
bring a dark side into it.

> well what do u use tells what you want to do?

Rather what you want to browbeat others into using , tells what you want
to do...

> Well! Unlike me you seem to have the right to guess.
> >         I'm not in favour of moderation, so for appetisers, may i propose
> > that everyone take a look at the "mailing list posting guidelines" at
> > www.linux-delhi.org . If you fail to comprehend the good humour in that,
> > chant "Thy shalt only reply if thou hast any tech help to offer, or a good
> > joke to crack", one hundred and eight times a day.
> Mr General Secretary Actually I was the one who Compiled that in the
> first page with help from Raj's Mail. so i know whats written in it.

Well, college habits die hard ... how about going back and reading what
you had "written". 

> >         Raju, would you consider to please fish out that authoritarian hat
> > for a little while and regulate matters before some other magazine
> > General Secretary, ILUG - Delhi. ;-)
> well! Mr General Secretary I never knew That There were dictators in
> this
> group Raju never made me feel like he was one but Mr General Secretary
> You certainly do. I have never followed politics but if this is the case 
> then I don't know what you are trying to do?

>  Committed to freedom and diversity 

For a change stop getting personal with folks and contributing something
positive. Getting abusive with list members doesn't fall under "pulling
each other's leg". As Sundeep said, NOBODY wants moderation, but everybody
has a right to point out when things get out of hand, and you can't bully
people out of this right.


P.S. let's stop this thread now. I think, you are even making ME piss off
the rest of the folks on this list.

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