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Re: proxy me

The reason i switched to Dante was because the standard SOCKS5
socksify didn't work on my RedHat box.

Let me check up the Dante docs...

-- Raju

>>>>> "neil" == neil  <neil@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> writes:

    >> Use Dante.
    neil> well i tried it. but i just cant seem to configure it.

    >>  Let me know if you have problems.
    neil> haha!!!

    neil>  Please give your full configuration
    >> (local IP's, server IP, etc).
    neil> server IP: winproxy w/t socks enabled )
    neil> local IP's:for now just my pc, i want a decent
    neil> sockd.conf and socks.conf please.  also it would be nice if
    neil> I cud get socksify working properly.. the @PRELOAD_VARIABLE@
    neil> isnt configuring properly.

    neil> thankx soooo much in advance Neil