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I need help....


Hi everyone out there. I'm new to this mailing list, as recently after
working on MS Platform for more than 3 yrs. After completing MCSE, MCSD I've
now started working on Java on Linux Platform. I've already finished my SJCP
and now planning to appear for SJDP. Well currently I'm working on Java on
Windows but the moment I get hold of a good stable distribution of Linux,
I'll shift to Linux.

I've a request, please if possible can anyone mail me a freeware copy of
Mandrake Linux or Slackware Linux or Debian Linux or anyother that I'm not
aware of. I'm requesting for such a personal favour because I have a very
keen interest to work on these OSs and implement the Web Server, Music
Server, Chat Server, Clusters, etc. on each of the platforms, but at my
college (where I was until last year) we did not have the required bandwidth
to accomplish such bulky downloads.

Now, having purchased the Linux Unleashed and Linux a/p dev and Linux
Clusters book titles, I really want to get started with it. Please let me
know if you can help me out.

Also, I would like to know if anyone can get me some help on this. I need to
get some literature (a softcopy would do) on Networking Articles, Request
For Comments (RFC), etc... I want to learn the underlying technology, things
like how different Severs on the net interact, how mail servers interact,
how bridges, routers, etc. work, how blue-tooth, WAP, GPRS works (the
protocol used) ? how do sites like www.dialpad.com work (the integration of
Telephone Network with a piece of s/w) ? and much more.....

Looking forward to hear from someone.

Bhummanjot S.

Have a nice day :-)