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Re: I need help....

"Bhummanjot S. Talwar" wrote:
> Dear,
> Hi everyone out there. I'm new to this mailing list, as recently after
> working on MS Platform for more than 3 yrs. After completing MCSE, MCSD I've
> now started working on Java on Linux Platform. I've already finished my SJCP
why  do you need help after ABcd EFGH SDUF SDYP JDBC and all
of the above.

> I've a request, please if possible can anyone mail me a freeware copy of
> Mandrake Linux or Slackware Linux or Debian Linux or anyother that I'm not
> aware of. I'm requesting for such a personal favour because I have a very
> keen interest to work on these OSs and implement the Web Server, Music
> Server, Chat Server, Clusters, etc. on each of the platforms, but at my
> college (where I was until last year) we did not have the required bandwidth
go to gtcdrom.com and try asking then the nearest outlet and 
4 your kind info a GNU/linux cd is not that hard to obtain 

> Also, I would like to know if anyone can get me some help on this. I need 
also i will need some one to teach me how to make coffee without a
coffee maker
and can anyone please point me to a good location where i can get a 
lozania HOWTO  and ..... 
lesson number one: People here are just as busy doing JGDU JKIJ as 
you are do you dirty work yourself.
and if you face any technical problem or don't know
the sendmail conf to send your mail frm GNU/linux
we all are here 2 help you.

and pls take a look at my signature.

> Have a nice day :-)
sure buddy
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