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Re: probs with KDE Mimes

metalmaniac@xxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:

> Dear KDE users,
> Help me out on this one -
> How do I define the default application for a certain mime type.
> Whenever I click on a *.html file the K File Manager displays it in its own
> window. I don't want that to happen. I want to open it through Netscape.
> I've tried editing the kdelnk files in /usr/share/mimelnk and
> ~/.kde/share/mimelnk but nothing works. Even if I add DefaultApp=netscape then
> also Kfm opens html files within it. I've tried creating new mime types on the
> desktop(through right-click->new->mime type) but in that you cannot specify the
> default apps other than the K apps.

wham, wham... snap out of it!!!! what the hell r u doing?
simple... in kfm. goto Edit->Global Mime Types->text->html and then change the
bindings to whatever u want....
tho i dont remember... but netscape wont appear in the list of applications that u
can choose from by default...
so u go to Edit->Global Appilications and create a new one. then come back here
and select netscape...
happy kde'ing