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Upgrading Kernel to 2.2.16-3

Hi guys,
My recent hd crash with the d/l RHL 7 disk1 iso file and inability to
recover despite an init 1 boot and an fdisk /mbr has made me bolder to
try out different things. So I decided to try a kernel upgrade [all u
power users must be guffawing and esp Raj ;-) ]
Neways, I went right ahead and tried it out. All worked well till the
lilo -v
As per the pcq Aug 2K instructions, I was to recheck the lilo.conf file.
Did that and still the same result -- lilo died with the message
"initrd-2.2.14-12.img -- no such file or directory". Well I commented
the entire reference to the linuxold. 
Ran lilo -v
Rebooted >>
Login screen >>
Zoot Kernel 2.2.16-3 on i686

No sweat

I suggest PCQ guys should recommend more work arounds if faced with an
unending error.

Sunil Dhaka