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Upgrading HW info

Dear Friends,

I am planning to change my Motherboard and RAM. I currently have a 440 LX
motherboard with ALI chipset. and 32 MB RAM. The processor is a Celeron
300A. Please recommend me a good and cheap mother board. I wanted to know
about the 810 board which has flooded the Mother Board markets.... Is it
good enough? It has a integrated AGP card and sound card. The choices
available to me are Vintron, Tomato and ProComp make. If anyone is using it
please let me know if it configures well with Linux.

Thanx Vikas for your help. But the prob is at the very first step. IT is not
detecting the Lan Card. MAybe we'll change it in few days and try it. Will
ask for help in further probs.
Goldwyn :o)