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Re: Upgrading HW info

Hey Goldwyn...
beware of Tomato motherboards....can be a real pain to tweak the jumper settings
and even the sound card can give some problems....at least i faced some probs
while configuring for linux....

goldwyn_r@xxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:

> Dear Friends,
> I am planning to change my Motherboard and RAM. I currently have a 440 LX
> motherboard with ALI chipset. and 32 MB RAM. The processor is a Celeron
> 300A. Please recommend me a good and cheap mother board. I wanted to know
> about the 810 board which has flooded the Mother Board markets.... Is it
> good enough? It has a integrated AGP card and sound card. The choices
> available to me are Vintron, Tomato and ProComp make. If anyone is using it
> please let me know if it configures well with Linux.
> Thanx Vikas for your help. But the prob is at the very first step. IT is not
> detecting the Lan Card. MAybe we'll change it in few days and try it. Will
> ask for help in further probs.
> Goldwyn :o)
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