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IBM <-> Linux

Hey Guys, check out this article I read in a recent(or probably very old - I really don't know) issue of Outlook. I hope I won't be charged for infringement of copyright laws ;-)Can someone tell me other pathbreaking areas where Linux has been successfully put to use. (Has anyone installed it in his/her plamtop?) 

-:Strap Your Guts:-

You can't charge the titan with Linux 'sabotage'. IBM, the globe's leading PC maker has already decided to pump $ 200 million into its Linux initiatives. Now it has gone a step further : the company's test-running the Linux OS on a prototype wrist watch device. The motive : to convince skeptics that Linux can be used as the basic software on the smallest of gadgets. Designed to communicate wirelessly with PC's, cellphones, and other wireless enabled devices the fast watch, will have the ability to view condensed e-mail messages, and directly receive pager like messages. However, adults wanting a Dick Tracy like wrist gadget will be disapointed since IBM has no plans to commercialize the Linux watch itself. The watch which weighs about 1.5 ounces demonstrates that Linux could be used in some of the smallest devices in future. Perhaps in medical sensors on patients, location awareness or even banking. Is MS listening?

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