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Hi Neil,

Welcome back!

Did you also manage to get a keyboard which spells properly?  I
believe they're quite cheap nowadays ;-)

*grinning, ducking and running*

-- Raju

>>>>> "Neil" == Neil  <neil@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> writes:

    Neil> yippeeee!!!  im bak, and im bad....  i just got my monitor
    Neil> bak from repairs today.... and so no more of that stupid
    Neil> laptop with its stupid compaq tuned windows that crashes
    Neil> even more gracefully and irrepairably....  i couldnot use
    Neil> linux on that laptop cos it had a bloody winmodem.... one
    Neil> that i couldnot work.....  well, now im in the deep blue
    Neil> beautiful sea of linux... and i love it....  Neil

    Neil> ------------------------------------------------ The mailing
    Neil> list archives are available at
    Neil> http://lists.linux-india.org/cgi-bin/wilma/linux-delhi