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Re: Windoze: it's Personal Now!

Neil wrote:
> actually, i hate the guy too, but there is purity in my hate.
huh purity ya i  really know what u mean btw do you?

> i hate him for what he stands for, and not what he has acheived, >unlike most enthusiasts i actually respect and admire him too.

and i hate linus torvalds and bob young for what they have done to

> for it was him that has actually brought the desktop to you, and not >linus torvalds??? ok??? 

sure man he is great lets all hail him like i was diein 4 a desktop

>it is him who has created an
> empire out of dust, actually, more aptly... silicon... not RMS.
actully its RMS who created the env you are working on for free and ya
from dust

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