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Windoze: it's Personal Now!

Hi there,
Just wanted to share a small li'l experience with u guys.
I started hating windooze long back - it used to hang whenever I used to take some deadly pangas in C/C++
I shifted over to linux and I got hooked.
The other day I went to the cafe to chat with my GF. She cam online on ICQ, and went offline immedeately. Then again it hapenned, and again and again...
Later I found out that the new state-of-the-art gizmo she had just bought(700Mhz 128 Kb ram and stuff) was getting hung every time she started ICQ due to the screwed up OS she was using - Windoze 98. I spent a 60 bucks in the Cafe that day waiting for her, and then 70 on the phone sice I was dying to talk to her.
Now its personal, this thing against Windoze.
Let's hear it everyone - Screw Bill Gates! Let God turn loose a thousand red ants up his pants! 
Saurabh Nanda.

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