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Re: Windoze: it's Personal Now!

> Hi there,

hi 2 u too!!!

> Just wanted to share a small li'l experience with u guys.

thankx for thinking us wothy!!!!

> I started hating windooze long back

it doesnot matter when u started a project... what matters is when u completed it!!!!!

> - it used to hang whenever I used to take some deadly pangas in C/C++

isnt that a little stupid!!!! if u takes deadly pangas, even linux will hang!!!! pretty obvious... the correct phrase wud be, whenever i used windows, it hanged!!!

> I shifted over to linux and I got hooked.

good 4 u!!! chum!

> Let's hear it everyone - Screw Bill Gates! Let God turn loose a thousand red ants up his pants!

actually, i hate the guy too, but there is purity in my hate. i hate him for what he stands for, and not what he has acheived, unlike most enthusiasts i actually respect and admire him too. for it was him that has actually brought the desktop to you, and not linus torvalds??? ok??? it is him who has created an
empire out of dust, actually, more aptly... silicon... not RMS.... so say all you want about him.. but he is still more intelligent than many of us out here!!!! and so we must not throw shit on him when not deserved!!!! let alone asking GOD to do it!!!,

> Saurabh Nanda.