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Wu FTP Server

Hi LUG- Delhi,

Please read my problem which is as follows

I have installed PCQ RH6.2 on a Celeron machine which is on an 10BaseT
Ethernet along with some Windows 95 machines.

I have been assigned a project of setting up FTP server on the Linux machine
by my boss. I've configured WU FTPd on the Linux machine and I am using
utility on all the Windows machines. Setting up the FTP server on Linux
server was
very easy and I experienced no problem whatsoever.

I can transfer files to and from the Linux machine, but only when I tested
the FTP Server
with a huge file of about 17Mb, noticed a peculiar problem.

When copying that huge file onto the Linux machine over the LAN from any of
Windows machines through CuteFTP, the average throughput I got was about
108.14 Kb/Sec.

After copying the 17Mb file onto the Linux box and deleting the original
copy of the
huge file from Windows machine, I tried to download the same file from Linux
onto the Windows machine. This time the average throughput I got was about

Ever since I've been wondering, why just 5.6Kb/sec?

Could somebody please point me where and what am I doing wrong?

For any other technical details (for eg /etc/ftpaccess), please let me know.

Lots of thanks in advance.


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