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Re: Wu FTP Server

perhaps the problem is with your network card or cabling!!!!
have u tried sending the file using other protocols like http??? I had a
similar problem with the compex rl100a 100MBPS cards, the card wud allow my
linux machine to recv files at abt 2MB/s (file size > 50MB), but when i
started to transfer the files from the linux machine, i got speeds like
100KB/s... and 1000s of collisions!!!!

    /\ |\/| |3 /\ r
> I can transfer files to and from the Linux machine, but only when I tested
> the FTP Server
> with a huge file of about 17Mb, noticed a peculiar problem.
> When copying that huge file onto the Linux machine over the LAN from any
> the
> Windows machines through CuteFTP, the average throughput I got was about
> 108.14 Kb/Sec.
> After copying the 17Mb file onto the Linux box and deleting the original
> copy of the
> huge file from Windows machine, I tried to download the same file from
> box
> onto the Windows machine. This time the average throughput I got was about
> 5.6Kb/Sec.