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Re: is it piracy??

     Dear Manish my name is Rakesh and as far as i think and have discussed
with teachers and friends there is no restriction on making and distributing
copies of free software unless it has been specifically mentioned in the
license agreement.

I live in Sarita Vihar (south delhi) , whats u'r location. Am 21 yrs old and
have just started out with linux.
I have recently installed Red Hat 6.0. I was trying to create a second user
apart from the root. But even after having successfully creating the second
user, linux keeps giving me a warning message "Please create a new user as
the root will not stop u from corrupting u'r system...." whenever i login as
root. Can u help me to get rid of this warning message.

By the way what version and distribution of linux are u running.

Mail me at: dhawanrags@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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Subject: [linux-delhi] is it piracy??

> hi all,
> I recently posted a call for Oracle & Mandrake to
> which I also received this:
> >Nice to hear from you. But I am sorry to inform you
> >that we do not
> >encorage software piracy.
> >We are Oracle Program Partner and if you really want
> >it. We can sell it
> >to you. The cost of 5 user license
> >is around 25K . You can place the order with us In
> I wonder if copying something which is distributed
> freely and which is not going to be used for
> commercial purposes can/should be called piracy? I am
> not so sure. The only point I think I need to take
> care of is that I do not violate the attached
> license(which I think does not(?) restrict copying).
> What do you guys think?
> Regards
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