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Re: is it piracy??

When you can go to the Oracle web site, register yourself and order for a free copy of
Oracle 8i Release 2 (8.1.6) on linux with the 'Oracle WebDB' companion kit, I do not understand where
is the question of piracy.  I tried to download the same (around 288 MB) but could not do.  I will try
later and if I could download the gzip file, I will let you know.

G. Palaniappan

Amit Tripuraneni wrote:

> Hi manish!!!!
> Ur mail was a good one - don't know who mailed it to u but doesn't the
> 'ORACLE partner' know that there is a place called Nehru Place in Delhi
> where one can get pirated versions of ORACLE for WINDOWS - if they can do
> nothing to stop it, then why should they try to raise piracy issues on a
> Linux group...
> Moreover since it is not for commercial use but for educational purposes,
> they should not be having any such objections. What I see here is that the
> 'Partner' is trying to achieve his sales target... And if ORACLE is so
> prone to stopping piracy, why don't they give out evaluation versions to
> all Linux User Group Members - so that they can judge the software as well
> as learn it.....
> Maybe the rules & regualtions will not allow it but I don't see the harm in
> loading the software onto their system - more so bcoz the prices are
> prohibitive- who will shell out 25k when u can get the same thing for 2.5
> k....It is their headache how they try to combat piracy & definitely not
> urs....
> And the 'partner' must understand that LUG is a forum for learning &
> forwarding the moment of LINUX - he shouldnot confuse his loyalty towards
> his organisation with his becoming a monitoring authority for ORACLE on the
> LUG..
> Amit
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> hi all,
> I recently posted a call for Oracle & Mandrake to
> which I also received this:
> >Nice to hear from you. But I am sorry to inform you
> >that we do not
> >encorage software piracy.
> >We are Oracle Program Partner and if you really want
> >it. We can sell it
> >to you. The cost of 5 user license
> >is around 25K . You can place the order with us In
> I wonder if copying something which is distributed
> freely and which is not going to be used for
> commercial purposes can/should be called piracy? I am
> not so sure. The only point I think I need to take
> care of is that I do not violate the attached
> license(which I think does not(?) restrict copying).
> What do you guys think?
> Regards
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