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Re: is it piracy??

Hi manish!!!!
Ur mail was a good one - don't know who mailed it to u but doesn't the
'ORACLE partner' know that there is a place called Nehru Place in Delhi
where one can get pirated versions of ORACLE for WINDOWS - if they can do
nothing to stop it, then why should they try to raise piracy issues on a
Linux group...

Moreover since it is not for commercial use but for educational purposes,
they should not be having any such objections. What I see here is that the
'Partner' is trying to achieve his sales target... And if ORACLE is so
prone to stopping piracy, why don't they give out evaluation versions to
all Linux User Group Members - so that they can judge the software as well
as learn it.....

Maybe the rules & regualtions will not allow it but I don't see the harm in
loading the software onto their system - more so bcoz the prices are
prohibitive- who will shell out 25k when u can get the same thing for 2.5
k....It is their headache how they try to combat piracy & definitely not

And the 'partner' must understand that LUG is a forum for learning &
forwarding the moment of LINUX - he shouldnot confuse his loyalty towards
his organisation with his becoming a monitoring authority for ORACLE on the


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hi all,

I recently posted a call for Oracle & Mandrake to
which I also received this:

>Nice to hear from you. But I am sorry to inform you
>that we do not
>encorage software piracy.
>We are Oracle Program Partner and if you really want
>it. We can sell it
>to you. The cost of 5 user license
>is around 25K . You can place the order with us In

I wonder if copying something which is distributed
freely and which is not going to be used for
commercial purposes can/should be called piracy? I am
not so sure. The only point I think I need to take
care of is that I do not violate the attached
license(which I think does not(?) restrict copying).

What do you guys think?

--|\/| /\ /\/ / _/~~ |-|

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