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is it piracy??

hi all,

I recently posted a call for Oracle & Mandrake to
which I also received this:

>Nice to hear from you. But I am sorry to inform you
>that we do not
>encorage software piracy.
>We are Oracle Program Partner and if you really want
>it. We can sell it
>to you. The cost of 5 user license
>is around 25K . You can place the order with us In 

I wonder if copying something which is distributed
freely and which is not going to be used for
commercial purposes can/should be called piracy? I am
not so sure. The only point I think I need to take
care of is that I do not violate the attached
license(which I think does not(?) restrict copying).

What do you guys think?

--|\/| /\ /\/ / _/~~ |-|

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