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Thanks to all who responded

hi all,

This is a bit late but still better late than never.
right! so here goes:

Thanks to G.Palaniappan, Jaswinder S. Kohli, Mridul
Jain, Ambar Roy, Anuj, Sanjay Gupta, and last but not
the least Amit (he even took out time to give me a
call and even dropped by to give me the CD's). Boy!
was that quick! I feel so privileged to be in the
company of such expert and friendly people. Wish I
could be of some use to TheList !

Now Mridul, yes I can wait for some time coz I'd like
to get my hands on the Oracle8i. Please drop a line
when you do get it.

Thanx Anuj, the link you sent was a real gold mine. 

Mr Palaniappan, Thanks for your offer. I have got
Mandrake7.0 for now but I will surely come over
someday to give you the trouble! Hope you will not

Thanks Jaswinder, I might need something else from
you, like FreeBSD. Can I give you a call for that too?

--|\/| /\ /\/ / _/`` |-|

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