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Partition Size

Hi all,

I have come across a peculiar problem which may not be related to linux. 

Yesterday I did the following on my 8.4 GB HD :  
- Deleted all existing partitions (Earlier I had 2GB with win 98 & balance
linux partitions) 
- Created primary partition of 4GB and formatted it (large disk support
- Loaded win98 on this partition. 
- Loaded RedHat Linux on the balance space. 
The problem is as under :  
- In fdisk the primary partition shows 4GB allocated 
- In Windows Explorer the c: drive shows only 2GB 
- At the dos prompt, when I see the directory of C:> , the free space shows
GB which corresponds to the Windows Explorer display 
- In linux, the partition size of hda1 shows 4 GB 
What could be the problem ?

Arun Sinha
Q-1, South City,
Gurgaon - 122-001
Tele : (0124)-6380060 (R); 
         (011)-614-9972 & 614-3021 Extn 21 (O)