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Re: [Veritas-vx] Re: new idea

Thanks for your mail. 
420 GB data ? Good, that what, I was looking for. 
So, did you say indirectly that "rsync" with open files and application  ?? 
or as Arthur said, "rsync can make a copy of inconsistent data, then when the data is
"good", it can make a quick incremental copy of the changed bits". That's good solution.
However Doug said that, particular application running on disk should support open files snapshot ?
I am not sure but I think Oracle does support open files replication, does sybase, informix etc support the same way ? 
Is replication product like Veritas File replication/ Legato replicator does support 1> open file replication, 2> Linux client replication on solaris server ?

--- Richard Bond <rbond@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
> wrote:
>I used scp to do the first copy, then rsync to keep up.
>Worked fine-  ~420 GB data on 100 meg link.
>updated about 30 GB/ day
>Richard Bond (rbond@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx  (206) 605-3561
>System Administrator                          K-351, Health Sciences Center
>Department of Molecular Biotechnology         Box 357730
>University of Washington                      Seattle, WA 98195

> Thanks Sean.
> Your mail and man page of rsync and rsync.conf answered most of my doubt.
> There is one question, I couldn't get answer from the site.
> Q:- Does it support backup /mirroring of open files and open applications 

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